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Popular Articles mod by Mika

Mandatory Requirement: Page View Counter

1. Language variables (snews.php)

$l['posted_in'] = 'Posted in';
$l['views'] = 'Views';

2. New function (snews.php)

function popular_articles($size) {
# select all published articles ordered by view column and limiting the output with numeric $size variable
$query = "SELECT * FROM ".db('prefix')."articles WHERE position = 1 AND published = 1 ORDER BY views DESC LIMIT $size";
$result = mysql_query($query);
# "home" title defined outside while-loop
$home = s('home_sef');
#optional formatting (uncomment if needed)
//echo '
    while ($r = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    # find category SEF title (used to build links)
    $categorySEF = find_cat_sef($r['category']);
    # defining category name: if zero, we're at home, else retrieve category name
    $categoryName = $r['category'] == 0 ? $home : retrieve('name', 'categories', 'seftitle', $categorySEF);
    echo '
  • '.$r['title'].' '.$r['views'].' '.l('views').'
  • '; }
    #optional formatting (uncomment if needed)
    //echo '
'; }

Usage (index.php)

19.02.2007. 18:25


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