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Author Topic: member trimming and spam attacks.  (Read 15282 times)


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member trimming and spam attacks.
« on: December 04, 2010, 09:53:34 am »

We have generally been pretty lucky when it comes to an invasion of robot spammers, but of late there has been some aggressive flooding.

Forum spam is not just posts clearly not related to snews, or the topic in which it was made, but also in account settings for footers and the like.

Many of these spammers end up with their details available for referencing on the site which allows checking of new signups with the regularly updated database over there.

Anyone who shows up there will ultimately be removed from this places db.

Sorry, but this place is for snewsers to interact, even on off-topic things.

Also, as of the timestamp on this post, I have removed all 'members' who have signed up, but have never actually come back.
Anyone who signs up, but doesn't activate their account within 30 days is removed. Quite often in that time span (about 98% of cases) their details end up on stopforumspam anyway, indicating robot signups or spam activity elsewhere on the web.

For example, these email addresses ( and )  when put into stopforumspam search, will show the level of activity.

Feel free to discuss in forum below this.
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