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Author Topic: Problem with htaccess  (Read 3204 times)


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Problem with htaccess
« on: April 27, 2010, 12:26:29 pm »

Hi, I've used sNews for a client on one of my servers and everything was working fine. I've now moved to a new server and copied everything over but when I test the site I have a problem in that I can no longer access the site pages. I can see the home page but nothing else. I just get 404 errors. I think it must be the htaccess file and I've checked the new server and mod_rewrite is working ok. I've tested this with my own htaccess script. I'm therefore at a loss since it would appear that the sNews htaccess or the way it interacts with it is not working correctly.

Anyone any thoughts on how I can configure it for my server set up?

I really need to move the site to this new host and as I say the new server appears to be handling the rewrites correctly so it must be something between sNews/htaccess and the server.



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Re: Problem with htaccess
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2010, 02:34:22 pm »

Welcome Reservoir.

You might already have done this but you could have a look at the .htaccess information on our FAQ - Troubleshooting page and see if there are any clues there. Check your server's domain location to see if your .htaccess file was over-written or removed by the host; some hosts don't let you use your own .htaccess file. Also, if you have installed your file-set in a sub-folder, you would need to activate the Rewrite string and modify it to suit the sub-folder location.
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