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Jason Boy:
I originally installed Snews 1.7 and I couldn't log in so I decided to install SNEWS 1.6 and so I tried but I just can't get it to work, I tried over and over but i just get different errors and so I'd appreciate it if 1 of you would install it for me. If you would post back and I'll send you my FTP info and you can install it for me.

sNews is one of the easiest CMSs to install.
1. Who is your host?
2. Is your host server a Linus server running Apache & MySQL, with Apache's mod_rewrite module enabled?
3. Have you installed run a phpinfo.php file on your domain root (usually in the html_public directory) and viewed the server information page?
4. Does your host account give you a C-Panel with access to make a new database, then use phpMyAdmin to add the tables to it?

Jason Boy:
Thanks for replying so quickly, i use 000webhost and for all of your info yes. I had installed snews before on the same host and it took me less than a minute to do but for some reason I just can get it to work.
That's the site.

OK. Did you install a default 1.6 package as it was from the downloads page?

After clicking the "snews1.6 link on the page your URL points to, I get an error message:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/a8204603/public_html/snews1.6/snews.php on line 24

And... line 24 in the default snews.php file (sNews 1.6) is the first database string where you must put in the exact URL to your install directory:

--- Code: ---<?php

$db['website'] = 'http://www./'; //URL to your domain


--- End code ---

Judging from where it appears to be located, this string should have this url in it... like this:
     $db['website'] = '';

And you would also need to open the .htacess file and remove the #-sign from line 9, and revise it to work with that location.

Jason Boy:
ok i fixed it but know it went to line 25 and i added the ' and it got fixed but know for line 26 it says their is an error and i've triple checked and it's alright.


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