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Problem with Comments ???


I finally find the solution to the Script "Featured Content Slider v2.4" in my snews , I tried to use 2 index, for example (where I first install the script called index.php and index2.php second) and I made this thing to not show the script to the above items when you click on "read more" to each section
And for that I create a redirection from my cpanel domain between the two indexes knowing that index.php will make a rederiction directly to index2.php.

In this way, everything works fine, but the problem lies in Commantaires by what my visits can not send those comments.
I hope that will find a solution to you and thank you bouceaup.

French translation :

finalement j'ai trouver la solution pour le Script "Featured Content Slider v2.4" dans mon Snews, j'ai essayé d'utiliser 2 index par exemple ( le premier ou j'ai installer le script nomme index.php et le deuxieme index2.php) Et j'ai fait ce trucs la pour ne pas montrer le script au dessus des articles quand on clique sur "lire la suite " a chaque article
Et pour cela J'ai créez une redirection a partir de cpanel mon nom de domaine entre les deux index sachant que index.php va faire une une rederiction directement vers index2.php .

Dans ce chemin, tout fonctionne bien, mais le problème réside dans  les commantaires par ce que mes visites ne peut pas envoyer ces comments .
J'espère que sera trouver une solution à vous et je vous remercie bouceaup .

I don't know where I can find the link that mean the submit button to send comments I want to chnage  the link in my snews.php
thank you

no reponse ??


--- Quote from: princess on January 09, 2010, 07:22:44 pm ---no reponse ??
--- End quote ---

I have read your posts here but I do not clearly understand what you are looking for in terms of a response or answer.
Perhaps that is also the case with others who read your posts too.

Do you want to change something to fix a problem with comments? If so, what problem are you having?

Yes, it is hard to understand: Obviously there is a language barrier and you need to provide a more specific description of the modifications that are made. A link to the site would help.


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