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Author Topic: sNews 2.0 - Summary notes from "To begin at the beginning"  (Read 2164 times)


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sNews 2.0 - Summary notes from "To begin at the beginning"
« on: October 13, 2009, 06:25:10 pm »

For reference purposes only... this is a Summary of discussions (not an exhaustive list) that took place over 5 pages in To begin at the beginning (initiated by Philmoz)

1) Luka's comments on several topics

2) Philmoz's comments on Luka's comments

3) PHP & MySQL Compatibility:
Quote from: Joost - Oct.08.08
There is a tight relationship between site structure and database structure. 1.7 uses an Adjacency List Model (a bit crippled though). The core and database ( the database is core core), need to be stable for a very long time. Right now, it doesn't look like an important issue: php4 can do virtually anything that we need. Mysql5 has got features we might not want to use (our limitations). Anyway, we cannot decide otherwise when arriving at 2.1.

Quote from: Rui Mendes - July 24, 2008 announced PHP4 support ending in December 2007. PHP 4.4 was the last version issued. Critical security fixes were continued on a case-by-case basis (as required) until the end of August, 2008. Developers and server administrators were advised to migrate to PHP 5 versions and provided migration guides.

Quote from: Joost -Oct.08.08
It goes without saying , that sNews should run on current versions as well (I assume we all agree to that ;)). What matters, is backward compatibility. How far backward?

Keyrocks' Observations: As an example, the servers I use for sNews (1.4, 1.6 and 1.7) hosting (in Canada) are currently running with PHP 5.2.10 & 5.2.8, with MySQL 5.0.81 installed. I am running sNews 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7 on these servers smoothly without problems. This leads me to believe that sNews, from 1.4 through to 1.7, is compatible with PHP 5.2.8 and MySQL 5.0.81, and that if they are also running OK on PHP and MySQL 4.X versions, we must have the bases covered.

Question: Should we start a new thread somewhere asking all sNews users to report their server's current PHP and MySQL versions, using a phpinfo.php file (with instructions on making and uploading the phpinfo.php file)? There should not be many commercial hosts out there still running with older 4.X versions.

4) Database Configuration - tables and such:
Quote from: Bakercad - Oct.16.08
I pretty much agree with everything that Joost has stated. We need to restructure the database. Give articles/pages/extras their own db tables.

sNews is meant to be light-weight & a developer's tool.  It's not an end-user's that simple.  Luka developed it in the first place in order to have a base to build his own client sites from. That's exactly what sNews is... a base to build upon.  IMO, it should stay that way.

5) Basic Enhancements 80-100% of Users are likely to want/use:
Quote from: Joost - Oct.08.08
We'd better weigh the pros and cons. For instance: If a feature can be implemented with little overhead regarding performance and filesize, while only a few will use it, then for me there is no reason to leave it out. As I see it, no third party software in the core.

Quote from: EQ -Oct.08.08
sNews should be easier for the end user as well. Not to say sNews isn't easy for the end user, but it can be better and focus more on the end user. A lot of people come to sNews because they want a small system that is easy to use and not bloated. sNews should be easy for devs and for the end users to help them build and maintain their sites.

Quote from: Bakercad - Oct.16.08
1) Basics: Categories, subcategories, articles, extras, pages & the ability to add/edit/delete/hide/reorder them.
2) Basic enhancements:  Text editor - sNews developed & maintained.
3) Native pluggability: for easier mod installation.
4) Avoid OOP totally: Create a fork for exploring this.

Quote from: Knitter - Oct.21.08
My point for the all 2.0 thing: grab the features and goals that made sNews a system of choice, grab 1.6, rewrite it with a plugin system, clean the code and correct as many mistakes as possible, work the 1.6 idea as the base for the new 2.0.

Quote from: jordi11 - Aug.14.09
If you planning the 2.0 release, please make it with categories, subcategories and subcategories of subcategories... This is ALL that I need for a PERFECT sNews CMS.

6) General Communication Improvements:
Quote from: EQ - Nov.07.08
A good API with good documentation must come out too, otherwise users will be all over the place and not understand.
Do it now... later may not come.
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