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Author Topic: sNews 2.0 - early references from April-May 2008  (Read 1697 times)


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sNews 2.0 - early references from April-May 2008
« on: October 12, 2009, 11:06:27 pm »

As a contribution to future discussion on development of sNews 2.0, I thought I would share the contents of a thread discussion that took place among the sNewsCMS Administrators in the "Forum Bosses" Board in April and May of 2008.

SUMMARY NOTES (a simple 3-point vision) - What sNews is and will continue to be :
(based mainly on Luka's notes of April 22.08, and Patric's notes of April 23.08)

1 - sNews Is - a CMS that manages content in the form of dynamic pages, blog articles or both.

2 - sNews development will
    - Keep all functions within one core engine file,
    - Include minor changes or refinements that contribute to efficient, secure and stable operation,
    - Be coded in a way that remains relatively simple, easy to interpret and customizable for beginner-level developers.

3 - sNews Enhancements - It is our goal to establish a Repository at where users can use their website Admin panel to select and automatically install themes, mods and addons.

(Personal comments & notes removed - not relevant)
(Also, not a good idea to answer one's own questions unless one is alone in the wilderness)

Sven wrote: - What does it (sNews) want to be when it becomes an adult? Still a blogware (written by geeks as it is today) or a real CMS?

Joost wrote: - Roadmaps should not be about which features to add, but be more abstract. As I see it, sNews had reached its limits. For it to "grow", it should be re-designed. Let the 1.x series live for a few years and... meanwhile... start off with a fresh 2x series. I think the 2x series can be BLOG and CMS as well. I think we can mad sNews 2.x a true lightweight elegance... with quality code and focus on core functionality... better optimized with an impressive (list) of features. sNews should not follow "hypes". It must be a simple system for web designers, bloggers and small businesses. When talking about 1.8, 1.9, 2.0 we have look much further ahead. So more abstraction is needed, an overall plan.

Jason (EQ) wrote: - sNews is... a CMS... not blogware... though the fact that it is mainly a category/journal with comments leads it to be a blog.... My vote... CMS. On roadmaps.. I think they should have feature set(s) (determined) as well, including ideas on where it should go, but not be too abstract so when developing a new version, a checklist can be made by going back to the roadmap.

funlw65 wrote: - We can gain (attract or convert) Wordpress users if sNews can handle what Wordpress handle already.

Keyrocks wrote: - 1) We continue to refine, improve and maintain the "core" sNews product as the best, most efficient and easy-to-improve CMS engine. A core improvement is something like adding a "Comments On/Off" checkbox to enable/disable comment use site-wide.  2) A "Plug-in" system should be in the form of an Administration Add-on.  3) All the mods and addons should be configured to work with the "Plug-in"... running as independently as possible from the "core" engine. This leaves room for creation of "forks" developed by those who enjoy creating their "packages"... like an EQNews.

Philmoz wrote: - Whatever is supplied in core must operate as expected, must be useable by greater than 50% of users, must be thought out very thoroughly, and must not cause bloat or drag. A more 'abstract' outline is also fundamental... to ensure feature sets don't get totally out of hand in their implementation. AND... ultimately... someone (individual or group) has to make the final decision as to what is to go in and what is left out.
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