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Author Topic: [MOD] MyPosts, or Vasile's Menu Articles With Intro Text for 1.7 with subcats  (Read 9911 times)


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Okie doke..

this is really starting to work out now:) I have all that code implemented and have managed to make some progress with the site:).

I was just wondering though, is there a way to make the comments link clickable so it takes you to the comment?.. I tried searching through the code, but I don't understand some of the syntax.




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To make the word 'Comments" a link to the comments for a given article in the // LEAD ARTICLES function:

1. In your lang/EN.php language file, locate $l['comment'] = 'Comment';
   and under it, copy and paste in $l['comments_for'] = 'comments for';

2. If you are using the // LEAD ARTICLES function I posted on the previous page,
   Locate the second last echo string in the function:
   echo '<div class="artinfo">'.$date.'&nbsp;-&nbsp;<span class="uline">'.$comments_num.' '.l('comments').'</span></div>';

   Comment it out (put // at the start) and above it, copy and paste (excluding the PHP tags):
Code: [Select]

# Link to Comments:
echo '<p class="lead-info">'.$date.'&nbsp;|&nbsp;'.$comments_num.' <a href="'._SITE.$link.'/'.$r['asef'].'/#'.l('comment').'1" title="'.l('view').' '.$comments_num.' '.l('comments_for').' '.$r['title'].'">'.l('comments').'</a></p>';


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Thanks KeyRocks:)

I've been getting on really well with it, since I implemented the other code you gave. I will go and hack this one in now.. THANKS!.:).  I think this is probably the furthest I've got with it so far..

Many thanks for this..



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Menu Articles With Intro Text for 1.7 with subcats HELP!!
« Reply #18 on: October 01, 2011, 11:27:08 am »

I am playing and working with snews, the 1.7.1.  version
I am trying to make menu article (latetsest news with a small intro) for snews 1.71

Implanted the //MENU INCAT (JOOST) (
but with all the suggestions of mypost.php and lead_articles.php the making of a lead of 200 signs does"n"t seem to wrk
Can some some one explain (mayabe again) how to implant this mod to create teh lead in article as shows in written by Keyrocks (see image)

I made a file calles myposts.php
I put --include('myposts.php'); include('snews.php');-- in the index.php
I put <?php myposts(1,0,5); > in my template
What it show is only the article lead of the "home" page
If I want to se the other categories in this lists but nothing shows except the firts - home-  page!!
f.e.<?php myposts(2,0,5); >

How can I get the other categories visitible in this lists?

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anyone  ?
who can help me with the question above?


« Last Edit: October 26, 2011, 07:02:30 pm by jander »


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Hi jander,
Did you close the php tags correct

In your post you wrote --  <?php myposts(1,0,5); >

Should be like this --  <?php myposts(1,0,5); ?>


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Hello Mosh
For a moment i hoped you were right but sorrie i made a typing error in this forum
Ik have it in the website as you wrote it with -?- at the end

strangley when i put
<?php myposts(0,0,5); ?> in my text after following all the instructions as explained above I do get de firset (home) page)
but changinging  in
<?php myposts(0,1,5); ?> or
<?php myposts(1,0,5); ?>
i don't get anything of my text

so it does work but it takes only the homepage item

So I started all over again (effort 12) and YES!!!
the problem was within the category ID in the dbase
the first number..
I looked it up in the dbase and put the number which is showing in the table catgories..... yes
it works!!

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Rui Mendes

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It's a little confuse what you want.
I put myposts function and tried, and works fine.

I don't know if you have a bug or if your mysql is old, I rewrite this function and tell me if this works
function myposts($cat, $start, $size) {
   $catQuery = 'SELECT
      FROM '._PRE.'categories'.' AS c '.$join.'
      WHERE c.subcat = '.$cat.' AND c.published = \'YES\'
      GROUP BY
      ORDER BY c.catorder,';
   $catResult = mysql_query($catQuery);
   $count = mysql_num_rows($catResult);
   if ($count > 0) {
      $cR = mysql_fetch_assoc($catResult);
      $cR = implode(',',$cR);
      $cat = $cat.','.$cR;
   $cat = str_replace(',',' OR category =',$cat);
   $cat = !empty($cat) ? ' AND (category = '.$cat.')' : '';

$query = '
      title,a.seftitle AS asef,date,text, AS name,   c.seftitle AS csef, AS xname,x.seftitle AS xsef
   FROM '._PRE.'articles AS a
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Trying this now, thanks!
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