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Author Topic: Articles not posting  (Read 1536 times)


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Articles not posting
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:06:21 am »

I am running snews 1.6 and I am having a terrible problem.  I go to add a new article, put in my content, check the preview to make sure all is right, add all the meta info, than click submit, and nothing submits.  It says Operation completed, but after several refreshes, Songs and Artists only shows 2 articles posted (should say 3).  I did this routine 5 times.  twice in Firefox 3, once in IE7 and twice in Google Chrome.  I even set a publish date, and it did not do it at the time specified (yes I checked the servers time and did it by those settings).  So then I decided to try a test post with everything set to test.  Oddly enough this worked, but my large article to update people on the new songs added, is not submitting, no matter what I try.  Remember, I am getting no error messages,  it says operation its so frustrating :'(

I was just thinking "perhaps cache?" so I refreshed and cleared my cache, no good... is where the September 5 Added Songs article should be but its not.  Is there some sort of limit that I am overlooking or something?

I please ask for your help.

EDIT: I seem to be getting somwhere...I will post my results.
EDIT: I guess 22nd time is a charm...  I added a  little part of my article, it accepted it, so I just edited to add more, but If I try to make a new article with too much content, it will not let me post it at all.  Any idea why this would happen?
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