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Author Topic: modified snews 1.6 package  (Read 3645 times)


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modified snews 1.6 package
« on: July 05, 2008, 01:36:02 pm »

please read the following very carefully. i'd like all of this in one package.

the idea is to have such a package as the base for any site i build.

what's very important is that content must always be seperate from display. always. the site should not need certain elements to be present to work.

i'd like a quote on the following modified snews 1.6 package:

1. RSS 2 feed setup for each category. in other words, you have the option to activate or deactivate RSS for every single category.

every category must show the link of the feed in the back office, for ease of distribution.

2. the ability to move articles up or down inside a category.

3. the ability to add a paragraph of text to each category, above the actual content of the category, as an explanation of the category.

4. ability to add extra meta tags for each post.

5. the ability to control extra content better. extra content must be like adding a category. in the back office, it must be another option when setting up a category.

in other words there should be something like this:

would you like to add extra content to the bottom of the page?



something like that.

5. an editable contact page. in other words, the contact page must give the owner of the site the ability to add his name, cellphone, phone, fax, email, and of course the online contact form. all of this must however be optional.

6. ability to move pages up or down.

7. ability to hide pages.

8. customisable 404 error page. this means adding meta tags (a proper 404 error page should always contain the noindex, nofollow meta tag, for dupe content issues), a heading and content.

9. a UI for the htaccess file. sorry, but that's the best description i can give. what i want is an interface in the back office where a user can set whether the site should redirect ALL page URLs to either the www, or non-www version.

10. an interface for the robots.txt file. in other words, in the back office, the user should have the option of blocking access to certain folders in the site.