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Logo for website - name is 'schuurman' (schuur = shed/storehouse)

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Jochum Meester:
Hi everyone, I'm doing a website (sNews powered of course) for an acquaintance of mine who's breeding Suffolk sheep (just like my father does). I'm working on a logo but I'm really bad at graphics. Perhaps someone here could help me out or at least point me in the right way? I would like a logo that shows the breeder's name: Schuurman (that's his family name) and something with either a suffolk sheep, a shed/storehouse (since Schuur is literally translated as shed/storehouse from Dutch to English) or both. My first idea was the word Schuurman with a roof on top of it, symbolising the shed/storehouse, and a head of a suffolk ram next to it. Perhaps someone has a better idea?
At the moment I don't have a template ready yet, I do have most of the information in the sNews database. I wanted to start with a logo and then make a template or find a good free one.

I can't really work it out. Could someone please help me out here?

Jochum Meester:

No. Choose the template first. You must decide the style and palette color of your site, maybe just as general rule  ... then an artist can help you more. Browse all free themes from internet, choose a set of themes with nature/farming theme, present them to your client and he must make a choose. Then, present this on this forum and an artist will help you. Maybe with hints...

Scan internet for all sites about farming and make a derivate theme, look at their logos. You will see, many of them don't have a logo.

Anyway, the site must present the "suffolk" sheep... and this can be your logo...

Jochum... from an old ad creative guy... you could have a simple logo that would go with any theme by getting a good image of a Suffolk Sheep and put a brown triple-S 'brand' on its hind quarter - SSS - for "Shuuman's Suffolk Sheep".  ;D

Jochum Meester:
Thanks for the tips :) I presented a few layouts/designs to our acquintance and he chose Luka's Interactive Media one:


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