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Author Topic: Have website; need theme/solution that preserves existing design & editability  (Read 3619 times)


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Hello all,

I'm a professional web designer with a specialty in CSS. A client whose site I created and launched is now initiating Phase 2 for the project: the integration of CMS functionality behind the existing design. The client's static website is located at

In addition to maintaining the integrity of the current design, it's crucial that the underlying CSS/HTML can be easily edited (by me) so we don't have to bring someone in each time a page's layout needs tweaking. While I know a little PHP, I have no knowledge of the inner workings of sNews or any other CMS system, and I'd actually like to keep it that way as much as possible without sacrificing my ability to access and edit the code I've created.

The budget for this project is not expected to exceed $5,000; we'd like the CMS-integrated site to be up and running 2-3 weeks after we hire a developer. If you'd like to be considered for this project, please include in your proposal an estimate of how long it will take (in days or weeks) as well as a cost estimate.

Interested? Questions/comments/advice? Please reply to this post or email me at

Through this project I hope to build a relationship that will extend to future CMS development opportunities.

Thanks and all the best,
Suzanne O'Kelley


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Welcome to sNews Suzanne.  :)
Your project looks interesting. sNews (any version) comes as a bare-bones CMS and is very easy to adapt to any static template (index.htm) file.
The template file can be either table-cell based or table-less CSS.
Porting a static template file to run with sNews is fairly simple... basically a matter of replacing static content elements with the related names of PHP functions that will generate the content dynamically. The modified index file then becomes the index.php file within the sNews file-set.

What mix of modifications would be required for your client's site would depend on what forms of content it will need to use and how they need to be displayed.

The sNews Admin system... in its default form... generates articles that accumulate on either the "Home" page or on "Category" pages. It will also create individual pages... much like static pages... and they can be added to the existing "pages" menu or to a menu of their own. It also allows the Admin to create "extra" content... usually short notes that can be displayed in blocks in a left or right sidebar... or in any location within the template.

Perhaps you might share some more information about the types of content your site would use.

Do it now... later may not come.
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Hi Keyrocks,

Thanks for the kind welcome! :)

The existing site uses PHP to include each page's header, footer and sidebar elements, so perhaps it wouldn't be too complicated to migrate... My programming knowledge is pretty limited, but my client is a serious tech company and they're not looking for a big, clunky CMS so I think a lightweight solution like sNews would be a great fit. However, they're also not interested in doing the grunt work themselves, which is why I'm here.

The site they want to migrate is located at, which is probably the best illustration of the content the site will contain. The client wants to use CMS for its simple, on-the-fly updating they're not really thinking about rapid-fire news updates or blog-type entries at this point. Of course, as the designer, my goal is to maintain my creation to the fullest possible extent (with as much ongoing layout control as I can manage!) I'm hoping our different interests can be integrated into one happy solution.

I realize it's probably easier to create a site entirely in CMS than to create it externally and then move it, but the client preferred a multi-phase approach for this project.