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Author Topic: global level up link :)  (Read 1430 times)


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global level up link :)
« on: May 11, 2008, 08:54:58 pm »

 :D hey all
here is a function that will output a Dynamic Link to upper level from current location,
if in admin, pages, categories will output link to home,
for snews 16 subcat mod, if on subcategory will output link to parent category and so on,
if in article will give link back to category/subcategory.
works in snews 17rc aswell.  :P

Code: [Select]
# \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
# Use this to call the link where ever needed:
#  levelup();
# by: moshe gil lamberger 
function levelup(){
$sdir='/DIR NAME HERE/'// with slashes
$rc explode('/',$uril);
$rcb=array_slice($rc2, -2true);
foreach ($rcb as $key => $value){
if( $key>=){
$binkr.= $rcb[$key].'/';
} else {
$binkr.= $rcb[$key];
# for sNews 17 switch commented lines.
echo '<a href="'.db('website').$binkr.'" title="'.l('back').'">'.l('back').'</a>';
# echo '<a href="'._SITE.$binkr.'" title="'.l('back').'">'.l('back').'</a>';
} elseif ( $uril!=$sdir ) {
# for sNews 17 switch commented lines.
echo '<a href="'.db('website').'" title="'.l('home').'">'.l('home').'</a>';
# echo '<a href="'._SITE.'" title="'.l('home').'">'.l('home').'</a>';
# ////////////////////

can be added to any html container or as is (function output link <a> ).

1) add or include the function at top.
2) in the first line enter the directory name where snews installed, with slashes.
Code: [Select]
='/DIR NAME HERE/'// with slashes

3) add the tag where needed:
Code: [Select]
<?php levelup(); ?>

awesome day

update: fixed error with dir name, and link title and name display.

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