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Author Topic: [MUST READ FIRST] INSTRUCTIONS for bugs  (Read 3329 times)

Patric Ahlqvist

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« on: March 10, 2008, 10:49:11 am »

Here's a little what's and whatnot's on posting inside this section. Only BUGS  found in 1.7 should go here. That is:

What is a Bug?
1) Default snews.php, .htaccess or index.php fails to produce intended result.
2) Default coding produces or is prone to a security situation.

What is NOT a Bug?
1) You think it could/should be coded differently to produce the same result.
2) Where coding needs to alter to suit your mod/addon
3) Where a mod prevents proper/expected snews operation

So after found something. Consider the above before posting.
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