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Author Topic: [MUST READ FIRST] INSTRUCTIONS for modders  (Read 6603 times)

Patric Ahlqvist

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« on: March 10, 2008, 10:27:00 am »

For modders:
It is prefered, prior to posting a mod, to create a thread in programming where any troubleshooting of mod can be discussed.
then when mod is ready for release and creating the mod thread, link both together...

1. Describe exactly what your mod does, what it's good for.
2. Make a demo if possible or show some screenshots.
3. Make sure people know what sNews version it it for. Only 1.7 Mods go in this Forum. If it's backward compatible, note that it is.
4. If it is a simple mod, please help users by writing what they should change, where and why, and where they can find the change-points exactly (a very good example of such thing is Dom's - Additional Article Position Options mod)
5. If your mod is complex you can post a link to the whole snews.php file as .txt and NOT as a zip/rar file (unless it contains more than one files)
6. In many cases mods might have bugs or might be continued by the developer or by other users so please put version numbers on your mods
7. When UPDATING your mod to correct possible bugs please update your first post, and do not post the update at the end of the thread.
8. When CHANGING your mod for a new sNews version please create a new topic and not just change the old post. Not all users want to use the latest sNews versions.
9. Please write the sNews version number in the topic
10. Please write your mod version number in the topic

Tips and aid for modders - Helpful Functions for MODS/ADDONS

For users:
1. Please *BACKUP* files first before modding and coming back screaming if something goes wrong! ;)
2. If you like the mod, say thanks to the user that made it. If you didn't like it either help her/him to make it better by suggesting improvements, but in no case should you give him/her a hard time
3. When asking for help with a mod, please make sure you tell people in the subject what mod you need help with, snews version, mod version (if any) and describe your problem as clearly as possible.
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