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Author Topic: Ultimate Content Re-ordering - Articles, Pages and Extras Too !  (Read 3415 times)


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Once in a while the extensibility of some Mods is not realized until they are experimented with in combination with other Mods. Over the last few days I've been puttering with a fairly fresh sNews 1.6 project I started on near the end of January... to test-run EQ's Multiple Extras Project over in the Programming forum.

Over the weekend I added a group of mods required to assign Pages to Categories. Near the end of that post I noted that it would be useful to also apply J. Rivera's Article Sorting Mod. This one actually re-orders the positioning of any content stored in the articles table... not just articles... but pages and... EXTRAS TOO wherever they or their links happen to be used. So... yesterday... I also added the Re-ordering mod to the same project to see how far I could stretch it.

This morning... I took it a few steps further... looking for the Ultimate Content Reordering solution... the ability to re-order Articles, Pages, and EXTRAS TOO. And... to make it even more sweet... I wanted to add this Re-ordering functionality right into Philmoz's Expandable Admin Content Panels - which generates expandable panels for Extras by Category, Articles by Category, and Pages by Category.

I am happy to report that the results were excellent - resulting in what I think is the Ultimate sNews Content Re-ordering Mod... due mainly to its simplicity.
And... yes... it even works perfectly with EQ/s Multiple Extras Project as well... which means you can have a few extras in any given location in your template... and re-order them within their respective display area as well.

[ EDIT ] The complete mod sequence for this is now posted in the 1.6 Mods & Addons Forum.
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