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Author Topic: FCKeditor and sNews1.6  (Read 16139 times)


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Re: FCKeditor and sNews1.6
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2007, 08:15:11 am »


What do you mean with:
- 'the file'
- internal link
- image mod.... ?

FCK is indeed implemented as JS, however this shouldn't be a problem since no big audience is viewing an administration site.

Sorry if I was a bit shortheaded in my explanation  :P

If you have a look at the SnewsMEMU v ersion you will find some mods applied:

# Image Links Panel: (original: mattonik, enhanced by keyrocks)
This is an extremely useful addon. In a default sNews 1.6.0 installation, you had to re-size your large images before uploading them so they would fit into an article, page or extra content area so they would not 'break' your display. With this new addon, you can activate a "Create Thumbs" function which automatically creates a thumbnail of your image and saves it to a new folder called "thumbs". In addition, this addon also re-sizes the large, full-sized version of your image to a predetermined size and saves it in a new "uploaded_images" folder.
   The third benefit of this addon is that it replaces the default sNews 1.6.0 Image Insert button with an expandable "View and Insert Available Images" panel link just under the Textarea Editor panel. This new panel provides a row of links for each image available. Mousing over the file-name momentarily displays the image thumbnail to help you identify it. You can then choose from 4 options to "Insert" into the textarea... the full-sized image, a link to the image, the thumbnail, or to insert the thumbnail so that... when displayed... it opens the full image in a Lightbox overlay when clicked. All links are automatically generated within the textarea with just one click of the mouse... there are no pop-up prompt panels to type manually into(cool indeed). This addon uses 4 javascript files in the js folder, the images in the images folder, a css file in the css folder, as well as the new imagelinks.php file. When you install this package online (on a host server) you will need to chmod the "thumbs" and "uploaded_images" folder to 777 so this addon can save the images to them.

# Internal Links Panel: (mattonik)
This addon is also pretty cool because it makes the insertion of links to articles, pages and categories... within articles, pages and extra contents... absolutely automatic and fool-proof. Like it's 'sister' addon for Image Links (above), it replaces the default sNews 1.6.0 Link Insert button with a new, exapandable panel just under the new Image Insert Links panel title-link. Clicking it opens a new panel that lists links to all existing, active articles, pages and categories. Clicking on any link automatically inserts the complete link script into the textarea, where you can cut & re-paste it to any location you wish within your content.

I'ts these i would like to have implemented but using FCKeditor...

Sidenote: It doesnt have to be fckeditor ,  and i think i might have a go at getting it working with the wizzywyg editor. :-\



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Re: FCKeditor and sNews1.6
« Reply #16 on: October 14, 2007, 10:20:23 am »


I don't have an answer to your wish, however I hope somebody has because that would be a great add-on.

FCK has it's own upload app, bad thing is you can't preview images, or resize them.



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Re: FCKeditor and sNews1.6
« Reply #17 on: November 11, 2007, 02:24:39 am »

Hi, this is a bit off topic but just thought I'd mention that using FCKeditor I had to change this line in snews.php
Code: [Select]
$frm_text = str_replace('&', '&', $_SESSION['temp']['text'] ? $_SESSION['temp']['text'] : $r['text']);To:
Code: [Select]
$frm_text = $_SESSION['temp']['text'] ? $_SESSION['temp']['text'] : $r['text'];
Otherwise if I went back to edit an article I would get my " etc looking like "
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