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Author Topic: Listing Articles for categories in the center.  (Read 1745 times)


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Listing Articles for categories in the center.
« on: December 09, 2007, 07:24:16 am »

To display a list of articles (with links) in a category, instead of intro''s or full articles (kinda menu in the center of the page), here is the mod.

You will also have to past  function the menu_articles_incat() into snews.php. You can find the function here: Another article menu. Once installed you can switch between the 'normal' look and the new look in the administration panel, like this:

Articles per page limit set to 0 (admin settings) = Display page
Articles per page limit set to 1 or greater          = Display article list

Insert the following code in snews.php:

In function center  find:
Code: [Select]
$articleCount = s('article_limit');
$article_limit = (empty($articleCount) || $articleCount < 1) ? 0 : $articleCount;
Replace both lines with:
Code: [Select]
$article_limit = s('article_limit');
Then find (approximately 10 lines below):
Code: [Select]
echo $title_not_found;
replace it with:
Code: [Select]
Now go to Another article menu