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Author Topic: What I stumbled upon using sNewsMU 1.6.2 (slightly patched Nov17th zip file)  (Read 1801 times)

Jochum Meester

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Hi, as you might've read in the other topic I replied to, I'm back again :) Don't know if you remember me (hope you do haha) but I've started making websites again. This weekend I used sNewsMU 1.6 to set up a site and I ran into a few things, which I would like to share with you (and hear your thoughts on):

- register: you can't use a space in your username, is this because of the /x20 in the XSS clean function?
- userlevels: editor can add categories, what do you think about enabling this option for super editors and higher (admins)?
- user counter: still shows -1 or -2 etc sometimes, this is dealt with in this topic but doesn't seem to work for me after I applied that patch, does this occur to anyone else?
- user counter: have to check this, but looks like it keeps the logged in people at the bottom of the page, even when they are not on the site anymore

Nothing more so far. My apologies if some things have been dealt with already but I might not have seen the solution (yet). I just want to show you what I stumbled upon and perhaps I can be of assistance :)
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