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Author Topic: [STICKY] Competitions guidelines UPDATED  (Read 3246 times)

Patric Ahlqvist

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[STICKY] Competitions guidelines UPDATED
« on: September 22, 2006, 12:33:21 pm »

The reason for this section:

To give an opportunity for members to:
1. play, as in challenge one and other to image contests, specific design contests or whatever
2. Get help with things by arranging competitions that either give's credit or prize to winner.


Basics... to a challenge:

1. You MUST be a member in the Forum to participate in a challenge/competition.

2. No Judges. Everyone votes. We all know each other well enough to know if someone is cheating. Do not vote in a challenge that you are already participating in. And do not vote more than one time per challenge

3. Cheat, you lose... Easy as that.

4. The challenge will be different for everybody. You may get a graphic and use "only" that graphic. It may be an assigned theme. The element of surprise will keep you on your toes...

In this challange post there will be nothing but acceptance of challenge, and then the result of each persons work. And then voting once the expire date is passed. This will be set by original poster or administrator. Nothing else at all. All other communication should be cunducted by PM.

Game Play...

1. If you want to challenge somebody in specific make a "new" post with a subject title of something like "Yourname vs. Luka challenge" or if anybody could accept "your name vs ??? challenge". In your post make sure you lay out clearly how you want your challenge set up. EG:

Quote from: Patric
Post title: Patric vs ?? challenge
anyone up for a challenge ??

I want to challenge anyone to a webtemplate contest.
I want to challenge anyone to a "alter an image" contest.
2. If the challenge is accepted by the other person the thread will stay open and "I" or a "moderator" will come up with a theme for the challenge. It might be a pic you can use and alter. It may be a theme. When both people agree we will set a time to check back and then the actual theme, or pic will be posted (so check the PM boxes for a message about game is on).

Quote from: Example of challenge rules
Patric's challenge has been accepted by ??? (name/names) and the challenge will go down like this:

Each competitor will use photoshop, only native filters to do a hardrock CD cover from this pic: (not an actual pic here as this is an example)
colorscheme: Black, red white
dimensions: 500x500 px

Pic's are due 48 hours from the time this post been posted. Not uploaded pic's within that timeframe will not be included in challenge. timeframe can be adjusted if all parties involved agrees upon this.

Let the best designer win ;)
Both parties will have a specific amount  of time from the start time to upload their pics to the thread at hand in the competitions area. When the time is up no "edits" or new pics will be uploaded. All posts are time stamped. And don't post preview/progress pics. Only post your "FINAL" image.

3. Once the time limit is up voting will begin and last for another 48 hrs. Voting will consist of you just typing the persons name you think is the winner. When time is up the votes are tallied and we will have our winner...

4. When you vote pick a winner. Don't just post something. If you want to comment fine, but just nice comments and put the winner you choose before "anything" in your post. You must vote in your post, or it will be deleted. It is not a discussion forum. It is for votes and posting the entries ONLY.

Basics... to a prize competition

Pretty much the same as above. the only thing here is that the original poster gets to decide everything about the competition, what to do, how long and who the winner is in the end... Prizes may be honor, and actual things, the main thing here is to not state a prize and then go back on your word. That will lead to an immiediate BAN. We don't wanna arrange contest with a prize that leads to eg a beatiful banner that you can use and then not give the prize the winner is entitled to, right...

Suggestions on rules may be delivered to me by PM

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