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Author Topic: [ADDON] sNews Installer 1.1 (sNews 1.4)  (Read 5644 times)

George Antoniadis

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[ADDON] sNews Installer 1.1 (sNews 1.4)
« on: March 11, 2006, 07:11:48 pm »


About this:
Some users have problems creating the mySql tables and also that I have quite some spare time on my hands...
This is a simple "installer" that just populates the mysql database with the tables for sNews 1.4...

What this does:
·Checks is snews.php is there

·Checks if snews is allready configured

·If it is, asks the user to login using the username/password from the previous installation

·Chmods snews.php to 755 if the server allows it.

·Checks if the snews.php is writable.

·Asks the user for information needed to install sNews

·Checks if the user has entered all data needed (Mysql password CAN be blank - this is NOT a bug.)

·Checks if it can connect to the mysql database with the given username/password

·Checks if the selected database exists

·Checks if user has asked to create the tables *

·Checks if the tables allready exist *

·Checks if user has asked to delete the tables *

·Deletes the tables from mysql if user has asked to *

·Creates the tables in mysql if user has asked to *

·Writes the configuration in snews.php

Ps. Since the installer will ask you for a login, you can leave the install.php there if you want to but it wouldn't hurt removing it if you think you won't use it any more...
If you want to know how secure this is or you want to try and hack someone's snews with this don't try... :P everything is doublechecks, no cookies and just sessions... ;)

* If the user has specified a table prefix all these will include this prefix.
« Are stuff that have been just added

The script is intented to be as easy to use as possible...
This is a very primal version with more things to come in the future...

You can download the latest version here!

How to use this:
Download the above zip.
Unzip it and upload it to your webserver.
Open your favorite browser and navigate to the URL where you just uploaded it...
From there you just follow the instructions... ^_^

To Do:
1 .Check everything a couple of more times
2. Be able to change the collation in the mysql script when choosing UTF8 encoding for snews.
3. When logging in the installation file to reinstall snews keep old snews settings.

Ps. In order for new users not to get confused I'll be editing this first post everytime there is a change in the script and also will post a reply in this thread so user will be notified that there is something changed.
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Jochum Meester

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[ADDON] sNews Installer 1.1 (sNews 1.4)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2006, 03:51:50 pm »

Just a few minor things:
- the word 'databse' is written somewhere in the top
- it doesn't install the values you write for Language because in the install.php script there's twice the word laguage (without the N before the G)
- allready is written with one L :P