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Author Topic: so confused -after I install there are no directories that go to login  (Read 2033 times)


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what am I doing wrong.  I've created the tables and uploaded the files but there are no folders for /login or rss or anything else.  how do these get created?  I look the look and feel of this script but I'm really confused at the moment.

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so confused -after I install there are no directories that go to login
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2007, 12:45:21 am »

Hi finley, welcome to this forum!
Well, sNews don't need these 'folders'.
In fact, these 'folders' don't are folders. sNews generate the url line via database data and converted to 'folder' aliases via the Apache 'mod_rewrite' with this data.
The Apache 'Mod_Rewrite' is the most important thing to run sNews without a problems and If you don't see these 'folders', surely, your problem is just this module Mod_Rewrite.
Remember that sNews don't run in a Window$ IIS server! And in an Apache web server without 'mod_rewrite'  enabled.
Please, verify that your hosting provider (or in case that you're using a desktop application WAMP or anything similar) have the Apache module "Mod_Rewrite" installed correctly... see, too, at the top of the banner "Announcement" for more info for possibles solutions.
Thanks! :)
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