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Author Topic: [MegaMod] for sNews 1.6 (in progress)  (Read 19709 times)


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Re: [MegaMod] for sNews 1.6 (in progress)
« Reply #60 on: July 07, 2008, 02:26:17 am »

I have made hundreds more changes to my MEMU+++ project (not available to download)

We have to wait....

Well... I am willing to share my MEMU+++ sometime... but my only complete package is configured for a client and I have not yet had the time to make a set of generic templates for it. And with a busy summer and fall ahead of me... I may not get around to doing it until winter sets in where I live... about the middle of November.  ;D
Do it now... later may not come.
sNews 1.6 MESU | sNews 1.6 MEMU
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