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Author Topic: [READ FIRST] Snews Core Development  (Read 3155 times)

Patric Ahlqvist

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[READ FIRST] Snews Core Development
« on: June 04, 2007, 03:06:55 pm »

The principles or "vision" on which sNews has been, and continues to be,  developed upon is to keep the core/engine/backend as simple and lightweight as possible in order to have it easily maintaind and understood for the most newbie amongst us, so that it will be kept an easy and SINGLE file CMS. The choice before other more complexed systems, if you will...

Therefor suggestions on whats and whatnots regarding core implementation of functions and features is often restricted to modification of core/engine/backend, thus making the default download not effected by these things. Saying that sNews is being developed in a "naked" way, and any cool modifications to code will be continuously refered to as "please do a MOD for this feature".

So suggestions on other things than core improvment and "easyfication" is suggested to put into other sections like Request's - No pay, and Request's - I'll pay or possibly, if you have started a MOD but can't finish it by yourself Programming.

And of course general suggestions on what and what couldn't be a part of the sNews core, can be posted in this section, but this is an effort to explain why your suggestions may not be answered or not answered in a way you think is appropriate.

This being posted not to suggest that we want to discourage or limit future development, but it would give you a primer on why sNews core functionality does not expand greatly from version to version.

Regards - Admins
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