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Author Topic: Is this an obvious question?  (Read 2278 times)

ric zito

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Is this an obvious question?
« on: June 03, 2007, 09:58:35 pm »

Forgive me if it is, but I just don't seem to be getting this :

Conditional content.

How does one go about getting different content layouts on different pages? I'm thinking specifically of a brochure-type site where the Homepage differs from all the others : it's supposed be more funky -  it's supposed to feature blocks of content which don't appear anywhere else. Mainly typical Homepage marketing blurb. The inner pages of the site are more classical, two-column efforts, which sNews can handle very easily.

From what I can see, the way sNews works is that one template is supposed to fit all. The only real way of integrating content that I can see is via the tag, but there's only one of those, and it's the same for all pages. OK there's also the tag, allowing multiple extra content, but unfortunately, no matter how many "extras" you create, they're all lumped together in the one place on the template where the tag is. Other CMSes use content chunks, or blocks, or template variables which you can switch on or off according to the page they're on. How does sNews do this? Can it do it at all?

I hope this doesn't come across as destructive criticism - it isn't my intention at all. I have the greatest respect for what you are trying to do here. But this does seem like a very basic prerequisite of any CMS for me. All of the company websites I am asked to do feature different page styles, at the very least for the Homepage. I couldn't possibly sell a Homepage to a client that looked like any other inner page.

If sNews can't do this, then maybe I'm looking at the wrong product? Please advise - I'd be delighted to continue with sNews, but my ship seems to have run aground on this rock here.
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Is this an obvious question?
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2007, 07:49:32 am »

Right, out of the box it's single layout; the rest depends on modifications. You can look into this thread for ideas how to achieve different layout for whole page not only for main content area ;)