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Author Topic: Bored before work...  (Read 1774 times)


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Bored before work...
« on: April 27, 2007, 07:02:28 am »

Instead of going to work early I made a few things.  I could of built one of my Gundam models but that would of been too involved.  Hope you like them:

I found this great pose in the Stock section of Deviant art ( so I used and abused it.  Last year trendiness, i know.  Read the title for explaination...

I really like the Bauhaus style (not the band), especially the simpleness and geometrical influence of László Moholy-Nagy.  This was done in about 10 minuets in illustrator and messed up in Photoshop.  Looking at it afterwards, it reminds me of a Sept. 11th memorial piece, hence the title - Something remembered.  

Again, bored before work so a few quick items