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Author Topic: mod_rewrite and AllowOverride for apache2 configs on ubuntu 6.10  (Read 4050 times)


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Got snews 1.5.31 working in a subdirectory on a local ubuntu 6.10 desktop install with apache2.

FYI on ubuntu with apache2:

  mod_rewrite is not loaded by default -- and -- AllowOverride is set to None by default.

Change these with:

  sudo a2enmod rewrite
  cd /etc/apached2/sites-enabled
  sudo vi 000-default

in the 000-default file, AllowOverride needs to be set to All in both the / and /var/www sections.

Of course, the .htaccess file in the local snews install dir needs the RewriteBase /subir line.

If there is a better way - would love to hear it ... thanks.