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Author Topic: Google and what is to come  (Read 1405 times)


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Google and what is to come
« on: December 04, 2006, 06:02:30 pm »

The Future
Will google buy microsoft or will it be the other way around. My prediction is that yahoo and microsoft will merge and by merging I mean Microsoft will eventually buy out yahoo. But this could change aswell if Yahoo stops trying to own the web 2.0 world and stick too one idea.

The way I see it is that Google will pioneer the means of having an online operating system. Now having an online operating system might seem pointless for the most of us. But what if all you needed was Excel, Word and email, then I can see this being a great idea, I mean there already is online Operating systems already. Donít get me wrong this idea has already been thought of and I just think its google which will pioneer it. Just like youtube did with the video sharing market.

Why it wonít work
This will only work for the most simplest online users. I use too many applications which need to be installed, e.g adobe. I also play quite a few games. Bandwidth is going to be another major issue, if every kid and dog start using the internet to store their files I can see a major load increase on ISPís. Perhaps google need to start there own ISP in which you get this online operating system at a premium level then everyone else. e.g no adsense adds & more storage space etc.

Google is growing faster then anyone else, even though yahoo has more traffic google are earning more which iím afraid will change in the years to come unless yahoo change there business tatics.

Google is growing and its not stopping anytime soon.

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