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Author Topic: [MOD]Wordy Math Captcha (snews 1.5.31+)  (Read 5716 times)


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[MOD]Wordy Math Captcha (snews 1.5.31+)
« Reply #15 on: April 28, 2007, 11:34:40 pm »

Quote from: tarmithius13
I was also wondering if there was  way to have an addition to this mod or an entirely new one that would be something along the lines of asking a simple question like: "what is the shape of a ball?" and the answer would be: "circle"
Not sure how feasible that would be or if it would be easier to have it in a flat file or the DB.
The idea isn't all that bad. Financial institutions offering online banking (at least from my experience in Canada) screen logins by asking the user/client to verify the answers to specific questions he/she put in when first registering the account. This would be an alternate way of screening a user at the login panel... by having the user input an answer to a question that is changeable in the Settings Admin Panel. If the user doesn't get the right answer, no login.

However, this wouldn't have much use for comments and the contact submissions, unless you were using the MU mod and only the registered users were allowed to use comments and the contact page.
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[MOD]Wordy Math Captcha (snews 1.5.31+)
« Reply #16 on: May 01, 2007, 08:59:02 pm »

I believe some projects are already using the image approach:

However I think it's more stylish to use a simple math text. Text (or a small image) is better combined with a website rather than a number of different images and a pulldown.

Just a thought, you could add some numbers in your text:
Code: [Select]
"Perform an addition of two integers to avoid spam"change it to

Code: [Select]
Perform 1 addition of 2 integers to avoid spamOr doesn't this add extra spamming protection?

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