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Author Topic: Wonders of life  (Read 2950 times)


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Wonders of life
« on: September 26, 2006, 02:07:06 pm »

It happened in a litle town were everyone knew one another, or sort of. There was an old lady in the town called Mary who lived alone in an old shed. She was a quiet and a solitaire person, few knew her but everyone liked though.

One day Mary knocked on the door of the lottery office in the town. They had just closed. But Mary was very determined and continued to knock on the door. The staff at the office were surprise and opened the door. Mary rushed in and said “I want to buy a lottery ticked number 52.” Almighty Mary “we dont have ticked nr. 52” the office lady said. “Yes, yes you do” Mary said determined. “Yes, yes you do!”.  To calm May down the office lady looked in the computer and to her surpise there was available ticked nr. 0052. Mary was so pleased and bought the ticked. The staff at the office looked at one another. “What on earth happened to  Mary?” one said.

The next day was the draw. Guess what, the first prize came on ticked nr. 52. Yea, yea, nr. 52.  The staff at the lottery office were so curious and when Mary came to claim he money they asked Mary how she could have known that ticked nr. 50 would win the first prize. Mary didn’t want to answer but the office staff pushed her.

At last Mary gave in and said “you see I dreamt the numer seven, seven nights in a row and because seven times seven equals fifty two I knew I would win.”
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Wonders of life
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 05:18:15 pm »

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