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Author Topic: [STICKY] Collected opinions by 10 sep 2006  (Read 3755 times)

Patric Ahlqvist

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[STICKY] Collected opinions by 10 sep 2006
« on: September 10, 2006, 09:47:55 am »

I collected the opinions, "bugs" reported here for easier access for developers...

1. If you are on a category page with a number of articles, the "next" and "last" links work fine, but the the "previous" and "first" links just take you back to the home page. found here
2. Changing name on an article makes the comments unviewable...They're still connected to the previous article id somehow.
3. Ordering of the readme.html. Found here
5. When you add a new category, it is not listed. Found here
 tags on all linefeeds  (shouldn't that be
anyway?) Found here
7. a"Requested content does not exist"-- not a good greeting message,
        c stylesheet link closure
        Found here
    8. Submit button issue in Safari Found here
    9. A small validation problem around line 1827 Found here
    10. .htaccess and 1and1 hosting Found here
    11. "Importing" the previous 1.4 DB onto an 1.5 version. Found here
    13. When posting a link in an article, the link gets no "title" attribute.

    4. Problem with the mdoreqrite in the .htaccess file. Found here - Solution - here
    2. I have created directories to store article media. I am able to upload images into them, but how do I reference them? I suspect this is a  htaccess prob, not a sNews1.5 prob. Found here - Solution - here
    12. Mail recieving from mailform... The link one provides in mail to homepage looks funny:
     h.t.t.p;.//\n\nTestng instead of h.t.t.p:.// - Solution - here

    PS. Please notify me on posting new "bugs" and I put them in here for the convenience to dev's. Also if there have been solved issues, so we can dismiss them. DS.
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