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Author Topic: SNews 1.7.x Theme "Business2" (OD Template) ported by Spyhatter IT  (Read 1877 times)


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Hello, folks!

I've ported OpenDesign's "Business 2" template over to SNews CMS 1.7.x version and I'm releasing it for y'all to see it.

Here are the specs, as ordered by Patrick:
 - sNews 1.7 Theme: Business2
 - Author: Nathan Zhang @ Spyhatter IT Company (
 - Original Source:
 - Last Update: 31 Aug 2012 @ 11:00 EDT
 - One small screenshot: Screenshot:

 - Download location: -

Nota Bene Chinese visitors to Spyhatter IT Co. website!!!:
You may have access restrictions placed on you due to my webhost, NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, not liking some of the IP addresses hitting its server clusters which are originating in Asia, specifically in parts of China, Japan, Taiwan (still China to me), Korea, Russia/Siberia, etc... Use a workaround by accessing the site from a translation service. Do NOT use a proxy!

Thanks for using my (ported) template. The original author can be contacted via the footer links, or by visiting (the place where the original came from).

Message to sNews CMS developers: I LOVE your CMS! Keep up the good work! ~ Nathan Z.