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Author Topic: RTE (Rich Text Editor), Conversation Resumed  (Read 871 times)


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RTE (Rich Text Editor), Conversation Resumed
« on: August 31, 2012, 10:38:05 pm »

I was reading Rui's post on using a Rich Text Editor (I believe it's the same as a WYSIWYG editor? Correct me if I am wrong please - thanks!), and since his post has been >120 days since last edit/reply, I decided I'd be safer creating a new post to resume the conversation with my two cents, which is as follows:

I use NicEdit to provide an RTE / WYSIWYG editor interface to my sNews installations. I just grab the code from the main NicEdit site (Google it if you want; posting a link here would be nice but I'd rather play it safe and not trip a security system if I don't need to get busted for otherwise innocent forum conduct...), plug it into the space right before the </head> tag (notice the slash - without it works fine, but it looks better in front of the ending header tag instead... stick the JS code in front of the beginning header tag and you are asking for trouble from your web browser! :P !!!) , and then finish porting the rest of the template.

I haven't mastered the NicEdit function reference yet, so I don't have a way to stick in Vimeo videos, which I would much prefer, but I'll figure it out sometime and post it in here...

I hope my two cents have been worthwhile. Oh, and the NicEdit site can be access here: (the JS code is located on the front page. Look for a non-fancy textarea with programming code inside. - I also take back the nonsense I made earlier about 'tripping security systems'... heh.)

Please reply if this doesn't work for you. Thanks for reading.