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Author Topic: Help with news website  (Read 2143 times)


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Help with news website
« on: May 30, 2011, 10:26:15 pm »

Greetings. I just finished the design of a news website in spanish. I have the HTML and CSS files. The design of the front page is this:

Just like every other news site, not all the news are important to be on the first post. On this design, there are 4 principal categories to be displayed on the home page. The idea is that, depending on the category of the post, it can be displayed on its respective place. The scores are a different script, managed by me.

The news archive can be displayed like this:

And the post itself like this:

I forgot to tell that I have absolutely no idea about PHP. Some people recommended me other CMS, but I would like to use sNews because I used it before with excellent results. So, if anybody can giving any advice, tutorial (or code  ;) ) that I can use to adapt this, that would make me a happy person. Thanks in advance.

PS: Sorry about my english.
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