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Title: Adding more Editor levels and privilege settings
Post by: Keyrocks on September 24, 2010, 08:46:44 pm
Three years is a very long time in sNews time but, back in September and October, 2007, two threads were started in this board - Add another User Level ( and Limiting Editor Privileges ( - and there wasn't any further progress on them.

However, I have done these very modifications over the past year or so to expand the User Level options of sNews 1.6.3MU quite a bit.
1.  I've successfully modified the MU's users functions and users table to remove the restriction to only 4 user levels... now up to 9.
2.  I'm also using 9 privilege checkbox options that the site owner can enable and disable in the User's "user Privilege Level" panel
     that allow or disallow access to various administration panels.

Of course, this level of user level and privilege control isn't needed for most websites unless you get to the point where you have added quite a few new administration panels for managing other types of content.

In my case, I did complete testing with 9 user levels but I've only needed to add one additional User level for 'Page Editor' for users who are limited to creating, editing or deleting their own pages, whith no access to anything else.

Eventually... I'd like to take it all to a new level that lets the Site Owner (main admin) customize privilege settings for each user level and edit the name of those user levels, except for the default (owner) admin (level 1) and the default User level (was 4, now 9) which would not be editable. That way, there would be 7 user levels to custom privilege settings for.

I can share the results of this work on this thread in a few months (when winter sets in) if there is enough interest shown in working with it.