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Title: Hi i jsut discovered Snews but ran into a small problem
Post by: supercruize on October 29, 2007, 01:34:04 pm
I managed to figure out everything and have my website pretty running smooth on localhost, using the XAMPP package (Apache, MySQL, PHP). However, now i want to upload to the server at work. We run a microsoft small business server. How do i get this done? APpreciate any help as i am stuck  ::)
Title: Re: Hi i jsut discovered Snews but ran into a small problem
Post by: Keyrocks on October 29, 2007, 05:29:50 pm
Welcome to sNews SuperCruize. If you haven't done so yet... take a few minutes to read through the readme.html file that should be included in the root of the package you downloaded. It contains the instructions for installing the package online.

Most importantly, sNews will only run (online) on a Linux-powered server that runs Apache and MySQL... and has its mod_rewrite module enabled. sNews will not run on Microsft-powered web servers that do not have Apache and MySQL running on them.

About the Microsoft Small Business Server you run at work... you would be able to install your sNews package on it... provided you only intended to use the XAMPP package on it (as you already have at home, I assume)... to continue developing at work and... perhaps... making the site available in-house as an intranet service... but not online for 'global' access from 'outside' the office. While XAMPP is great for offline (locahost) development... it is not securely configured for online use. You could use it to set up a 'live' server, but you (or the company IT guys) would need to spend a fair bit of time turning the XAMPP package into a secure online operating environment... (using a Linux installation).

If you want to get it online... you'll likely need to get a domain and hosting account with an ISP that provides the services needed to run sNews online.