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Title: Contact form issue
Post by: alks on May 12, 2011, 10:23:36 am
Having an issue with the contact form not sending messages. I am setting up a snews website on a different hosting provider than I use normally (no choice) and I cannot seam to get the contact form to work. I get an 'message not sent' message. Now I have tried my own php message script and this appears to work fine on this server - so it must be something to do with the snews contact form that the server doesn't like. I have tried adding a fifth argument to the contact form (trusted user) and have tried various other tweeks but no luck so far. I wondered if anyone else has any ideas on what might be causing this?

**edit**. I have had it working on another computer and once of my computer so there is something weird going on. I can only assume that the hosting account has some kind of restriction set up on it that causes this. Not a lot can be done I think.

**update** I am going to have to replace the standard snews contact function with my own contact form code as something weird is going on that I cant solve (yet). I might post my mod when I get it done.