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RE: member trimming and spam attacks.

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Any comments here please.

Nicu Alecu:
Well ... it was about time, Phil! I hate those long lists of spam posts in my rss reader!

Thanks Phil.
Yes, the volume has kicked up recently.
I banned 13 'new' members over the last few days, deleted several posts by them, and relocated their 'new' topics to you-know-where.
Their IP racks show them to be coming out of China. I've been experiencing the same one other forums site I am with, and on another restricted access site... constant sign-ups from russian locations.

Nicu Alecu:
Hello everybody! I haven't been active on these forums for quite a while, but that doesn't mean I completely lost touch. Apart from still using sNews on a lot of websites, I did subscribe to the forums' RSS feed so that I could keep an eye on what's cooking.
OK, introduction is over! More to the point: it's not only the forums that has been swamped with spam, but the sNews website itself, too. Just as an example: check the comments here.
I did refer a friend to sNews CMS recently, so that he could give it a try for a personal website, only to have it backfire at me, when this friend emailed me back and said (literally): this looks like a ghost house!
Now, I still love this little piece of software and would love for it to keep evolving, but unfortunately I cannot help in that endeavor. What I can do though is help clean up the main website of shady adverts and nasty comments, along with applying a few mods on it to keep it nice and clean. I'm offering my time as a site admin on permanent basis, if the dudes will allow for it.

PS: there are a few issues left with the forums too, like strange characters appearing in places where a separator would be (like the breadcrumbs, for instance) ... an encoding issue?

Yup Nicu, I did see that spam and started to remove it. There was more, but it is a tedious task that would be far quicker if I had access to system tools as opposed to snews tools.

Forums still have registration turned off, but we can manually enroll. Much is in the hands of Luka.


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