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Congratulations for sNews 1.7 release

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Thank you all dudes who have created this wonderful CMS,
Congratulations for sNews 1.7 release  :o ;D 8)

It turned into a slow and painful birth ;)


--- Quote from: philmoz on October 31, 2008, 07:45:32 pm ---It turned into a slow and painful birth ;)

--- End quote ---

I thought for a bit that it might need a Cesarian birth to come thru alive... Congrats to Phil and his trusty Dudes.  ;D

Congrats for all of you who work with 1.7  :) and now is my opinion........

1.6 or 1.7 all is for me same only little code revriting and adjust data base.If snews go on this direction i m going to change cms.I cant found any i mean any good design web site with snews.What that say?Say a lot about snews and how many people liked our cms.This cms need some serious changes or soon nobady going to use expect only dudes who work with.

Like i said before i know how hard is working on code to make 1.7 and i do not want to ofend any of you with this comment..One more time congrat for this news release but i m staying withm my 1.6 and if snews stay like this i m gone...

Congratulations for this new release!


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