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Author Topic: Suggestion: un-tie user's hands (RSS Writer +inline reader)  (Read 2290 times)


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Currently creation new functionality such as custom menu, "last 5 articles", "related articles", "see also" fully depends on programmers.  If someone wrote it, then there is a chance that user will be able to follow instructions and implement it.  After all my customizations i cannot follow instructions like " find AAA and replace with CCC" because  AAA  was replaced with BBB during during previous customization (this reminds me a lot osCommerce)

So what if  we make RSS/XML writer/reader  part of the core functionality?

 Inline RSS reader which would work as js popup would be perfect.
Title only:   yes/no
#items to show: 0 (all)  or  # (last N articles)

All categories and articles have numbers.  There is no need to have any menus  build in core functionality if   everything could be called created by parcing custom RSS feed. For example we have 5 categories, one of them (#2) is "hidden" /    will give us  full menu.
if i need to create  "similar articles" or "also see" for the current article i am writing , i would locate numbers of articles l'd like to include  and the feed will look like
If  it is difficult to create RSS on the "fly" like shown above, it would be easier to create 2 lists
-all categories
-all articles 
with checkboxes , so the user could choose what is needed, then press button and receive RSS link for chosen items

With such setup it we won't really need "pages" because it would be possible to parse    which could belong  to category #2

Here is a Wordpress plugin  for InlineRSS. Author's answer to question if this plugin could be used with other CMS: "This baby gets around, if you know what I mean. The main feature of inlineRSS - the ability to call it from PHP - is available to whatever web page you like."
This plugin uses XSLT (no idea if this is a good thing or not).

Just my $0.02