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Author Topic: differents design between front & back office  (Read 637 times)


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differents design between front & back office
« on: November 16, 2012, 04:32:48 pm »

Hello World,
This is my first post here and I want contribute.
I purpose a simple change for use a "different" design between front & back office.
You need only 2 things :
  • first time : add this line to snews.php :
Code: [Select]
function contentid()
    $adminurls = array('/administration', '/snews_settings', '/snews_categories', '/admin_category', '/admin_subcategory', '/groupings', '/admin_groupings', '/snews_articles', '/article_view', '/extra_contents', '/extra_view', '/snews_pages', '/page_view', '/admin_article', '/article_new', '/article_new', '/extra_new', '/extra_new', '/page_new', '/page_new', '/editcomment', '/snews_files', '/process', '/logout');
    $found = FALSE;
    foreach ($adminurls as $adminurl)
        if(strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $adminurl) === 0)
            $found = TRUE;
    return $found ? 'admin' : 'main';
  • and : add in index.php this
Code: [Select]
<div id="<?php echo contentid(); ?>">
to replace
Code: [Select]
<div id="main">
    Now when you are in the back office you can use css style (#main or #admin) to design the admin.
    Sorry for my English.
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