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Author Topic: Links to Files or sites on a New Article page  (Read 4155 times)


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Links to Files or sites on a New Article page
« on: June 07, 2006, 06:24:40 pm »

This is my first contribution to the User Documentation forum. I have found this as a simple way to make files available to site users on an sNews powered site. I hope you find it useful. :)


There are times when you want to make links to other files on your site. Let's say you want to have some .zip files you wish to share with site users, or you have a set of monthly newsletters in .pdf format that you want your viewers to have easy access to.

The first step is to add the File Uploader function available in the Mods & Add-ons forum here:
Once you have it installed, following the directions there, you simply upload the files you want to share.

Files List Pages:
Let's say we want to create a page where site viewers can click links to several newsletters we have available.

1. Create a New Article called Newsletters.
- title is Newsletters

2. Each file (newsletter in this case) must have a link to it in the text box. You need to create each link using HTML syntax. Let's say this newsletter is named news0606.pdf for the June 2006 newsletter. You create the link with:

June 2006

For each link, you can copy and paste the same url path above and modify it for each link. Replace the sample file-path with the file-path to your file. As long as you have uploaded your files to the transfers folder, all you change is the name of the file in the string - the news0606 part - and the link text that gets displayed - the June 2006 part.

Always take care to place each link on a new line in the article text box so that the links appear under each other.

3. Change the Character Limit (under the text box) from 500 to 1000 so that the page will include all the links on the same page without having to go and "read more...". If you have so many links that the content is being cut off and continued to a "read more" link, then just edit the limit number by raising it some more.

4. CHOOSE POSITION - Check the TOP display option, so that the page will be added as a new link in the Site Map menu in the left side-bar. Leave the Category choice as HOME so the new page link will be on the HOME page. Leave the rest the same and click the Save or Edit button at the bottom.

The link to the Newsletters Page will now appear along with the Archive and Contact links... wherever you have them placed.

Click on it and the page will display with the links listed under the page title.

Do it now... later may not come.
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