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Your sNews Dudes Team apologizes for the down-time we experienced between July 15 and 16, 2011, and again over the weekend from Friday, July 22 to Monday morning, July 25.

I'd like to thank one of our sNews users - Jander (Netherlands) for taking the time to report the last interruption by sending me a Contact message through my site.

In both cases, I contacted Luka and he was able to make the necessary repairs on the host server. It would appear that someone may have unauthorized access to the host server and has been removing specific files from the server, as missing files had to be replaced in both cases.

In future, we encourage any sNews user to contact one of the Dudes immediately. Using the contact form on goes directly to me immediately and I will notify Luka immediately.

Thanks for your patience,

This website experienced down-time for an extended period of time within the last 32 hours. Service was restored about 5.5 hours ago by our webmaster and site owner, Luka Crvk. We apologize for the interruption of service. Thank you for your patience.  :)


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