Mod Example - Image Rotator

Mod description example

Mod Usage:
Put this line in your index.php file where you want to display image rotator

<?php rotator();?>

Put this code somewhere in your snews.php file

function rotator() {
echo '<img src="images/'.mt_rand(1, 8).'.jpg" alt="" />';

Mod improvements

This mod is written too rigidly and, depending on user's knowledge level, probably not very transparent. There are no comments attached and no room for any further customizaton - the user cannot change image and folder name. Let's make some adjustments.

Image rotator v1.1

Mod Usage:
Same as in v0.1. Only function rotator() has changed.

function rotator() {
- array solution borrowed from bramsyuur's Simple ADS Rotation Mod posted at on 2006-10-27
extracting variables
- $folder variable allows us to change rotator folder name more easily
- don't forget the trailing slash
$folder = 'images/';
- Array has been introduced to our mod which now has the possibility to contain unlimited number of images as well as the possibility to modify its alt attributes.
- Example:
$img[0]['src'] = image source
$img[0]['alt'] = image alt attribute
- Hint: if you need more information from your rotator, expand the array
$img[0]['href'] = link
- Note: if using expanded version, uncomment corresponding parts of the code
$img[0]['src'] ='snews.gif';
$img[0]['alt'] = 'snews CMS';
//$img[0]['href'] = '';
$img[1]['src'] = 'ni5ni6.jpg';
$img[1]['alt'] = 'Coding Workshop';
//$img[1]['href'] = '';
$img[2]['src'] = 'solucija.png';
$img[2]['alt'] = 'Solucija CSS Templates';
//$img[2]['href'] = '';
array_rand() is a built-in PHP function that returns randomized entry out of an array
$random = array_rand($img);
output result
<img src="folder/image" alt="alt attribute" />
echo '<img src="'.$folder.$img[$random]['src'].'" alt="'.$img[$random]['alt'].'" />';
output result with expanded array
<a href="href value" title="image alt attribute"><img src="folder/image" alt="alt attribute" /></a>
//echo '<a href="'.$img[$random]['href'].'" title="'.$img[$random]['alt'].'">';
//echo '<img src="'.$folder.$img[$random]['src'].'" alt="'.$img[$random]['alt'].'" /></a>';


As you can see, the initial v 0.1 has evolved significantly. The next step could be adjusting the mod to be capable of recognizing the current category and rotating images accordingly, or creating active links (okay, we did that already), or whatever you need from it. Bear in mind that you don't end up using larger code, when all you really need is a smaller, simpler, and faster solution.

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