Applying a Mod to sNews

Mods available on this site should be reasonably clear in the application description, however, if a mistake is made, you may have to start over.
To prevent either an incorrectly applied mod, or one that doesn't fit your needs as expected from causing you recovery grief, here are a few tips to make it easier to back-track.

Following these steps or variations of them, if the mod doesn't work out, you can delete the new, restore the old and return to an operating snews file.


sNews requires PHP, MySQL and mod rewrite. If your server meets those requirements, get started and learn how to install sNews on your website in 3 easy steps.


Browse through our help center and learn about template tags and how to simply create your own theme. Dig into sNews and customize it to behave the way you want.


sNews can be a simple blog tool and a full blown CMS. Customize it with addons, mods or play with different themes.


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