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VIP Voice Review

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Today online survey panel industry has grown multiple folds with so many options, different approaches and varied rewards.

It is certainly a challenge for the survey takers to identify the trusted ones from scammers. People have lost precious time and money online because they did not do enough research to find the truth about a specific product or service.

Let us take a deep dive to understand the popular online survey site VIP Voice, if it is legit, its reward system and pros and cons.

About VIP Voice review

VIP voice review is a survey site where you gain VIP points for each survey that you complete.

Previously known as NPD Online Research Group, VIP Voice is one of the few survey sites that runs its own surveys, and does not pick questionnaires from partner sites. That makes it a simple and consistent experience for the users, that do not get redirected to other survey sites.

When you complete a survey, points offered are determined by the number of surveys you’ve already taken, completed and qualified? Once you click a survey, you can also estimate the points you will earn from the message you receive that informs you of the average amount of time it takes to complete.

The VIP Voice surveys are generally easy and interesting because they focus on topics like food, drinks and fashion. The completion rate of survey is high but it doesn’t offer its users a guaranteed method for redeeming points.

For a complete review, we need to explore more about NPD Online Research Group.

Company Background

NPDOR renamed as VIP Voice, boasts its membership count as 3 million, indicating that it is one of the famous sites around. This parent company, established in 1967 is a true international player and is into market research business working for Fortune 500 companies. The company has a vast network with more than 1700 companies in and out of the USA.

This company specialises in providing marketing research activities and supply public opinion and feedback about products and services, which helps the clients in decision making.

How does the tiered membership level work?

The reward system is based is tiered, with 5 different levels. You need to complete certain specific number of surveys to move to the next level. The higher up on the levels you are, the more the number of points you will earn for taking the same survey.

There are two types of points:

1. VIP Participation Points

When you attempt to complete a survey, but are not qualified to complete it, then you earn VIP Participation Points. Points earned varies according to your current survey level. For eg. Level 1 members will earn 50 points for being disqualified, whereas level 5 members earn as much as 550 points.

2. VIP Qualification Points

When you complete a survey successfully, points you earn as called as VIP Qualifications Points. Level 1 members will earn 25 points for completing a survey while level 5 member earn 200 points.

How to use your VIP Voice points

The VIP voice points earned cannot be used to earn hard cash. However, you can use them to purchase things online. So it works well for people who shop online. There are different ways to use your VIP points:

1) BidLand

This is not just interesting, but also very addictive, especially if you like auctions system. In the BidLand, you can use your points on a bidding platform to win products. A new auction takes place every half an hour, where you can participate with your points.

For a particular product or prize, everyone interested bids and the one with the highest bid wins the prize. You should not bid for products that you don’t really want. It is always a good idea to do some research on the prize or product to check its actual value before making the bid.

Another tricky feature here is to check what is the value of a point. You normally earn points from 25 to 200 depending on different levels.

There is no fixed value of a point in $. We can assume that 100 VIP Points has an equivalent value of $1. So if the prize is a photo frame and its $ value on Walmart or Amazon is $5, then you would not like to bid for more than 500 point in the auction.

2) SweepLand is the website, exclusive to NPD’s members, where you enter your points in a sweepstake competition for a lucky draw. There is a wide variety of sweepstakes and you can participate in them based on your accumulated points.

To start, you can take a chance in the daily sweepstakes, where the payout is $100 in cash. Or else, monthly draws are also a an option, where the top prizes are promised to be $500 to $5000 worth of gift cards.

Some competitions require more points, but at the end of the day, it is a gamble and only you can decide to take a call or not really.

3) Special Offers

This is the safest and best way of using points for those who are online shoppers. You can avail 15% to 40% discount on any product that you wish to purchase with your points. Please note that as a rule, 100 points is equivalent to $1.

1. There is no registration fee on new login. While you may think its fiddling but there are sites who say that its free but it’s actually not. The moment you want to do something, they will ask you to join some sort of membership (like exclusive, premium, etc), and then the issue of money comes in picture.

2. There is no minimum threshold. Once you have earned points, you can use them in any of the three ways.

3. Auctions at BidLand can be very lucrative at times. Just like the auction thing, you may end up winning quite expensive stuff for even half the prize.

4. As there are various membership levels, if you go at higher levels, you can earn more points per survey. You also get points even if you disqualify.


1. No reward comes in form of cash. There are people who don’t like auctions and online shopping, then this survey is not for you.

2. There is a location constraint. Only if you stay in the USA or Canada, you can participate in this survey panel.

3. It can get very addictive for some, especially if you like to go to auctions.

4. Sweepstake is only a lottery. So don’t be surprised if after spending so much time and points, you end up getting nothing in hand.


Some of the first things to check before joining a online survey site is to verify if it is legit or scam. Next, is to ensure what is the ROI for your time and effort. Some websites do reward well, but do not allow you to cash it for hard money, which may defy the purpose for some.

VIP Voice Review is a legit online survey site that does pay. However, the surveys are not as frequent as we would like and you can only redeem your points by entering their auction, bid or purchasing online.

I would not personally recommend it to my friends, as there are lot of other well paying sites that actually value your time and effort.'

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