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Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout – Which is the Best Amazon Product Finder For You?

E-Commerce is the call of the hour. There are numerous seller success stories, who have made a fortune selling their products online.

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces attracting a staggering number buyers and sellers worldwide. There are over 244 million active users on the portal currently and counting.

However, not all sellers have been successful. Some of the products sold on Amazon sell like hot cakes while some never get a chance to see the light of day. The key is to choose the right product as per the demand in the market. First time sellers are usually jumbled about which products to go for.

Product research is mandatory, and it can be made easier using tools. Two such tools available in market are Unicorn Smasher and Jungle Scout. Let’s go through the features of each and see what they offer.


Jungle scout is an extension of the Google Chrome and is widely used in United States of America, United Kingdom, and other popular countries. As a matter of fact, it is more trusted Product research tool despite being relatively expensive. It is result oriented and value for money.

On the other hand, unicorn smasher is free in the USA. It looks lucrative but its user interface is quite unorganized. It is cumbersome to navigate within the system.

Read along to compare the review of the two software.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher was designed and developed by Amz tracker and is a free tool used by the Amazon sellers and buyers to conduct their product research. The data-driven sales estimates and details tell you exactly what’s selling on Amazon.

The vital feature of Unicorn Smasher is the real-time seller or buyer request processing. It provides the user with the basic stats of a product, like costing, best-selling ranks, seller and buyer reviews and other important information advertised on the Amazon.

It can even show correct sales and revenue projections and estimations based on data captured from thousands of products within the Amazon.

There is an issue here, unicorn smasher only presents and visualizes the financial and capital information, as compared to jungle scouts which also analyses and offers choices of decisions to the puzzled user.

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The design of Unicorn is cute yet organized, the dashboards show all Amazon activities and save the user from the tedious experience of going through the unmanageably big data inside Amazon. Jungle scout has moved to another level with more advanced features like product database and niche hunter. These two special features perform the same function but very promptly.

Unicorn smasher extension has a restrained sharing feature, wherein the date is available in easy shareable mode, but does not reveal the privacy of the user’s products. With the integration of AMZ tracker, the unicorn smasher give subscribers an internal beneficial opportunity.

Jungle scout

Jungle Scout is well established in market and not without a reason. The first positive it has above Unicorn Smasher is the ability to give real-time reviews and feedbacks to buyers. It allows buyers to give product reviews and pass any grievances or compliments whenever they feel like. The Administrator of the jungle scout web applications gives an automatic response to the clients, creating a good customer relationship. Unicorn smasher too have a review section but there are hardly any responses to the messages posted by their customers. This becomes a special feature.

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Another exceptional feature that only Jungle Scout has, is product tracker. Product tracker helps to track and monitor the inventory, transaction of sales, ranking, and ratings of sellers and buyers, etc. This feature is a wonderful extension of the web application as it enables users to monitor in real time.

Another great feature of this web application is known as the niche hunter. It is used to recover particular niches characterized by demand, supply, competition or any other crucial criteria.

Jungle scout web application and its extensions allows users to gather information and required data from a specific page on Amazon. Next comes a pop-up window displaying various products and their descriptions. Now you can affix filters that can give you the data according to your criteria and specifications.

In Jungle Scout, the product database is very important since the data can give a fair idea of rival’s products. By watching and tracking, the user can effortlessly set the filters and navigate through Amazon’s products and can pinpoint at ease.

The filtered database can show all the information required without actually clicking on the item. It monitors the competition on a daily basis routine. So, the user gets all the required info like the product list, daily sales, transactions and any traceable fluctuations.

Pros & Cons

The only competitive advantage Unicorn Smasher presents against jungle scout is that it is free to download and install. Still if you read the reviews and experiences, it is advisable for everyone prospecting for a successful business to go for jungle scout, regardless of its high cost and subscriptions fee.

Unicorn smasher functions the same way as the jungle scout, but the latter has more advanced features for a more effective and efficient output.

Unicorn smasher’s estimates are not accurate and as efficient as those of jungle scout because they not fully computed.

Speed of data fetching during filtering is much faster in Jungle Scout.

Jungle scout remains the better choice for users because it presents a lot more benefits as compared to unicorn smashers, which are listed below:

  • security in sharing opinions since the extension allows sharing of findings
  • special filters that save time as one does not have to go through the whole content
  • automotive product monitoring
  • finding niche faster and exportation of data


Let’s put it simply, Jungle Scout is a premier Amazon product research tool. If you are serious about building an Amazon business, and don’t want to waste time trying things, you need the best tools that the top sellers use.

Jungle Scout is the product research tool if-

  • accurate data is crucial to you
  • you want to look at the biggest Amazon catalog
  • You want to save time and wish to rule out confusing spreadsheets/data
  • Don’t want to take the risk of launching an unsuccessful product

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