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Jungle Scout vs ASINspector – Which is the Best Amazon Product Finder & Research Tool?

Today, with growing ecommerce and changed outlook of people, more and more products are being sold and purchased online.

For any business to grow, and make profits in marketplace, it is a must to have a clear understanding of competitor product offerings as well as similar products. But with the ocean of products in the online marketplace, it is almost impossible to do a thorough market research.

Good news! Product research tool make search competitors’ product online along with the complementary goods very easy and convenient. The two most popular research tool products available in the market are Jungle Scout and ASINspector.

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector – Let the Comparison Countdown begin

Designed for the cause, both the products offer similar features in terms of facts and figures of the Amazon products in one go. However, there are differences in pricing, format and other offerings.

Both the tools provide the following information on products:

  • Brand
  • Category
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Estimated monthly revenue
  • Number of Reviews
  • Review Rating
  • Product Pricing and Sales History Information

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector – Versions and Pricing

There are two versions of Jungle Scout, Lite and Pro. ASINspector has a standard one and a Pro. Pricing strategy is different for each.

ASINspector Standard: $97 (One-time)

ASINspector Pro: $147/year plus $10 every month

Jungle Scout Lite: $87 one time

Jungle Scout Pro: $147 one time

The Standard version of ASINspector looks reasonable but it’s weak in some areas. Pro version requires an annual fee.

For Jungle Scout, it is a onetime purchase, although both versions seem a little expensive. Let us dig in little deeper to explore more.

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Jungle Scout vs ASINspector – Features

As per the requirement of users, there are many differences in features of Jungle Scout and ASINspector. Read along to see which one is more useful for your needs.

1. The Format of the Software

Both applications can be accessed using a Google Chrome extension but Jungle Scout can also be accessed using the web application. Chrome extension is advantageous as it is easy to use with friendly user interface for quick sourcing of products.

There is also a disadvantage of chrome extension, it makes the user computer vulnerable to online threats.

2. Differentiating between Organic and Sponsored Products

During the search of a product, Jungle Scout does not display the entire sponsored product range. Pro version of ASINspector display sponsored products but not the standard version.

Jungle Scout believes on the theory that not displaying sponsored product will help determine the real performance of product. However, ASINspector believes that not displaying sponsored product will take away the chance to see some of your competitors’ information. Whom do you agree with?

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3. Product Variations

Jungle Scout shows various variations of the product. However, for ASINspector, it is a complete ‘No’. Without seeing the product variations, the user gets incorrect information about the product in the market. For example, if a product has some variation, ASINspector will only show the result for the first one while Jungle Scout shows the combined total of the variation.

Therefore, Jungle pro is observed to be more accurate as compared to ASINspector.

4. Run on Best Sellers’ page

Jungle Scout run on online stores, so it covers both competitors’ pages as well as best sellers page. Whereas, ASINspector only runs on best sellers’ page. Jungle Scout running on competitors’ page is lucrative at times, as you may come up with new product ideas.

5. Price and BSR History

Jungle Scout only shows the history which is not detailed while ASINspector shows price and BSR (Best Sellers Rank) history. BSR history aids sellers to see the strategy of competitors for price wars. In addition, the pricing history also help to determine the variations of demand in the market, especially when you are launching a new product.

But there is a risk here, the accuracy of the data cannot be verified. Sometimes the application may pick the higher price that the supplier may have slashed. Though, it is not a frequent issue.

6. Favorite Searches

Jungle Scout does not store user search history while ASINspector save user’s search history. ASINspector can bookmark user’s favorite searches. The searchers keep offering suggestions to the users when re-using the application. On top of it, the cached data makes the browsing quicker and at times, reminds the user of the competing product that the user may have forgotten.

Jungle Scout believes that there is a security risk associated with saving data, from various online threats.

7. User Interface

Interface for Jungle Scout is web-based application while for ASINspector has a mobile application version, meaning it can be accessed anywhere with internet on a mobile computing device.

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector – PROS & CONS

  • For Jungle Scout, the user interface is simpler and friendlier, because the data is overlaid on top of the browser. For ASINspector, a new tab is opened every time you search, so it may result in many open tabs.
  • Jungle Scout can be accessed via a web application giving it an edge when it comes to usability.
  • ASINspector is recommended for users who do not use the product every month while Jungle Scout is more suited for monthly users.
  • Jungle Scout Lite has fewer features, but they are sufficient and better than ASINspector Standard, mainly in dealing with sponsored products and handling product variations.
  • ASINspector allows the user to use the product at any location with internet access, as it is mobile based application.


Both the product research tools are great in estimating the best seller rank, calculating the average rating, providing information on competitors’ product offering and estimating competitors’ revenue per month.

ASINspector has a monthly subscription fee while Jungle Scout has one-time acquisition cost. Jungle Scout has an edge with its ability to factor in product variation, making it more accurate as compared to ASINspector. In addition, Jungle Scout can also differentiate between organic content and sponsored content giving it another point over ASINspector.

There is a Jungle Scout Web App as well which is more expensive than the chrome extension but serve a different purpose. With this app, pre-defined filters can be placed to search Amazon for required matching products.

With above discussion of features, we hope you can make an informed choice on which product to purchase, Jungle Scout or ASINspector.

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