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Dropified vs Oberlo – Which is Better?

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a unique form of e-commerce where the retail store doesn’t keep the products they are selling – no stocks and no inventory. When a product is purchased from the store, it goes directly to the end user. Dropshipping allows the sales process to completely skip both the wholesaler and the manufacturer.

With dropshipping, you can own a store with less capital compared to the usual retail business that has to keep an inventory. Your business is easy to scale, and takes less work regardless of the number of orders that you receive. There is also low overhead, because there is no warehouse to manage.

If the business is being run from a home office, it can be managed anywhere – as long as there is an internet connection.

In short, the wholesalers or the manufacturers are using your business or store to sell their products and are handling manufacturing, storage, and shipping for you.

Shopify App

One of the most famous e-commerce platforms is Shopify. Two of the most popular and robust Shopify apps for dropshipping are Dropified and Oberlo.

Dropified vs Oberlo

Dropified is synchronized with multiple numbers of e-Commerce platforms such as AliExpress, AliBaba, Amazon, and many others, while Oberlo only uses AliExpress.

Features, Appearance, Extension Comparison, and Usability

Both Dropified and Oberlo’s core features are practically the same. They focus on importing products from wholesalers or manufacturers, adding it in the online store, and auto fulfilling the orders. Both offer essential management services that are needed for e-commerce stores including inventory management, order management, and sales analytics.

The dashboard panels are almost the same in both platforms. However, Oberlo is more user-friendly. It can easily be operated and has a lower learning curve.

Setting up the store here is much easier. Finding products, importing products, and editing are all made easier in Oberlo. You won’t feel overwhelmed with information as the approach is simpler and more polished compared to Dropified.

On the other hand, Dropified provides more options and features than Oberlo.

Dropified and Oberlo both use the Google Chrome extension to get products for the online store. In order to access the extension, an account needs to be created first. The interface of the two are very similar to each other within the Chrome browser.

Oberlo offers better options within the extension when compared to Dropified. The extension is more organized overall. Products can easily be sorted by shipping service, country, and the equivalent currency conversions can be checked.

The Dropified extension offers more extensive settings. Dropified products are the only ones that can be imported from AliBaba, AliExpress, and other stores when the extension has been installed and the account has been set up. One of the extension features is very useful – not showing items that cannot be shipped via ePacket and unreliable suppliers.

Ease of Use, Scalability, and Flexibility

The Oberlo app is easier to use when compared to Dropified, according to most experts. The layout is simpler, easy to navigate, and instinctive. You can literally just sit back as you add the product and upload it to your online store!

Importing products is simpler in Oberlo because it only has one source, which is AliExpress.

Dropified integrates multiple marketplaces with huge product listings. Products are imported from numerous sources like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and more than 40 other marketplaces.

On the other hand, Dropified has selective filters. Dropified features bulk editing of products and several shipping options from the sources.

Automatic Fulfillment

Both apps perform well with automatic fulfilment of orders. There is no need to manually capture the customer’s information. An order can be fulfilled in a few seconds and gets automatically completed by the system, with no extra labor required on the part of the company

Dropified stands out because of its 1-click fulfilment offer – only one click and no annoying captchas to answer! Changing vendors and assigning a vendor to the products is easier in Dropified, unlike in Oberlo, which requires overriding of products for changes.

Oberlo cannot help you if you have previous orders to fulfill and you just started with the app.
Dropified can easily determine and assign a vendor to fulfil the order with no need to override the previous orders.

Once the order has been fulfilled, both apps do well with order tracking and managing changes, if there are any.

Both apps offer tools to create product pages, tools to manage product data, and order fulfilment. Dropified offers multiple stores that can be managed on the same dashboard.

Cost and Value

Oberlo offers three different plans. First is the starter plan, which is free. Next is the basic plan for $29.99 per month, and the premium plan, called Pro, which costs $79.99 per month. Multiple features are offered on the starter plan without worrying about any fees to pay.

Beginners or new online store owners can take advantage of Oberlo’s free starter plan. It offers several features such as 500 product listings, up to 50 orders per month, automatic fulfilment of orders, shipment tracking, free Chrome extension, and other order management features.

The $29.90 plan offers 10,000 product listings with 500 orders per month. The $79.99 per month plan offers 30,000 product listings and unlimited orders.

Dropified is a premium paid service with no free plan, unlike Oberlo. In order to use the app, a monthly subscription must be ordered. Available plans are the Elite plan for $47 and the Unlimited plan for $99.

Dropified offers unlimited services for the maximum number of saved products, the maximum number of product boards, and the maximum number of orders allowed with 1-Click Technology. Under the $47 plan, an additional store connection will cost $27, while there is no cost and an unlimited number of stores available under the $99 plan.

Dropified offers a few exceptional features. Some of the most important include the ePacket ID, 1-Click save for later, Easy order filtering, AliExpress Auto Save of Order ID, and bundling products.

Oberlo offers better onboarding services for beginners who are looking to learn the industry and are still exploring their niches while learning the basics of eCommerce.

Dropified is the more established platform and requires more knowledge to manage the platform.


Both Dropified and Oberlo offer almost the same basic features needed to put up an online store, whether you are a beginner or are already established in the dropshipping business.

Both offer unique features depending on the cost. If you are new to dropshipping and want to learn the basics, or you want to learn more about order management but simply want a simple process, then you may opt to choose Oberlo.

Their free starter plan would work for you. When your business grows, you may shift to a paid plan.

If you want to have multiple product sources with unique features that you think will help you be more successful in the business – whether you are a beginner or a pro – then you may opt to use the Dropified app.

Remember – it is all about what you think will work for you and will help your business grow in the eCommerce industry!

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