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10 Best Dropship Companies With No Membership Fees

If you’re planning to or just starting out in the dropshipping field, then you’ll definitely want to search for dropshipping companies as part of your initial steps before you venture into it.

Obviously, the best source of information on these would be online searches, which generate thousands of results on both dropship suppliers and directories. The challenge comes when you need to filter out the best choices from that long list.

Additionally, you will come across dropshipping company sites that require you to pay a fee or to join as a member in order to access any and every bit of information you need. These seem to come up most often in searches.

However, with our top ten guide on the best dropshipping companies, you’ll find some of the best ones in the industry – and they don’t come with membership fees either.

1. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands isn’t like other dropshipping companies whose directories are full of spam or non-existent companies, which can be frustrating when you want to save time and money finding the best dropshipping partner.

The advantages of using Worldwide Brands include:

  • A large directory of over 9000 suppliers with access to millions of products
  • Certified suppliers who have undergone a rigorous certification process for legitimacy purposes
  • You only pay a one-time $299 fee to use it, no membership fees or monthly charges

The downside is it lacks features found in other dropshipping companies, like no automated listing, website packages, or custom file uploads. Additionally, they upsell you their offers once you’re signed up, which can be annoying for some users.

2. Salehoo

This is a powerful tool you can use not just to find suppliers, but also research, and take advantage of the online community of dropshippers, wholesalers and e-commerce stores.

Among its benefits include:

  • Over 1000 trusted dropship suppliers so you can find the perfect match for your company from the vetted list of dropshippers, complete with contact information, with the confidence that each is legit and will fulfill orders on time
  • The best products across dozens of categories
  • Source suppliers that ship in local and international locations, even if you’re in a country with few suppliers
  • All the tools you need to organize suppliers are a click away from the Salehoo dashboard
  • Save on costs with no minimum orders or application fees
  • Full access to suppliers, products, market research, training, community unlimited support, and new features as they’re released.

While this is one of the best dropshipping companies, an annual fee of $67 per year is charged, but this is almost nothing compared to the quality of information and service you find on their site.

3. Alidropship

Alibaba is among the largest websites globally and the best part about it is you can find manufacturers for just about any product, all at a low cost too.

The site also has a WordPress plugin, Alidropship, which ideally converts your WordPress installation into an online dropship store via AliExpress. This way, you can easily start your online store with fewer hassles.

The advantages of using Alidropship include:

  • Easy installation with automatic updates of product information, order fulfillment and tracking of goods
  • Simple and quick searches and importation of products using its integrated filters
  • The automatic updating system tracks stock at hand, price changes, and other pertinent changes so that you only get items that are in stock and available for sale
  • Pricing automation lets you use the markup formula to update your prices on the system
  • Unlimited number of products you can import and keep
  • Comes with product reviews as part of the system so customers can find assistance when choosing products to buy based on reviews
  • Built-in marketing tools to boost sales
  • Cash back system that ensures you earn more from affiliate sales with AliExpress
  • No subscription fees to pay every month and 24/7 support free of charge

However, using this can be hard to customize if you don’t know how to use WordPress. Plus, you need a reliable host to use it to manage your store. It also has limited gateways for making payments.

4. Oberlo

Many dropshippers tend to use AliExpress to find and sell products, which is why Oberlo is one of the best dropshipping companies. It helps you run your dropshipping with ease by offering the following benefits:

  • Ease of finding and importing dropshipped products as you can find the products you want, publish to your online store and start selling directly
  • Automatic order fulfillment as Oberlo handles everything upon a click and confirmation of the order
  • Automatic updates of prices and stock levels
  • Product customization from titles, to images and descriptions. You can edit them as you like
  • Integrated order and shipment tracking, so you know where your orders are at any time
  • Multiple user accounts so others can help run your online store
  • Ease of switching between suppliers and connecting existing products on your store to Oberlo

You can select the free Starter plan, and if you want to upgrade after your business has picked up, you can opt for the paid Basic and/or Pro plans.

5. Wholesale Central

This is a great option with no membership fees, and you can filter through categories of different products. Once you know what you want, you’ll get a list with details and you can view the products from the manufacturer’s website – so no middlemen.

You can also contact the dropshippers and use the site to find locations nearest to you, which can lead to a more reliable partnership.

Among its benefits include:

  • No commission on your sales
  • No hidden costs so you are assured of the highest profit margin opportunities
  • Buyers who find you on Wholesale Central are linked to your site and transact with you directly
  • No costly and time consuming PPC campaigns to manage
  • Daily random rotation of listings which means each member has an equal chance at being on page 1 search results on any day
  • Once your company is listed, Wholesale Central delivers the traffic

6. Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise dropshipping has been in the industry since 1999, and provides its customers with products for their own dropshipping business, from various categories such as electronics, apparel, gifts, home décor, toys, and tools.

The benefits of using this dropshipping company include:

  • Integration with leading online shopping platforms
  • No membership fees
  • You can export products to your own website, including images and descriptions
  • Lets you integrate your eBay account and list products from the product page directly
  • 7-day free trial so you can see products and available features

The downside, however, is you have to pay 20 percent restocking fees for non-defective products returned by your customers, and it only offers 16000 products from as few as 7 suppliers, so it may not meet all your needs in one go.


This is an all-in-one dropshipping app that online store owners can get niche products from and sell them, while DropWow takes care of fulfillment and shipping. It is a great marketplace alternative to AliExpress for people running dropshipping businesses, as it is made primarily for B2C (business to consumer), which is why online stores have to either get time to do it manually, or save on time by paying for automation and virtual assistance.

Among its benefits include:

  • Strict quality control to provide store owners the best products from verified products with the best reviews
  • Forwarding orders to suppliers
  • Importing items from a marketplace to an online store
  • Searching for the best products of most trustworthy vendors
  • Dealing with suppliers in case of refund and return
  • Automatic order placements
  • Auto forwarding tracking details to online sellers
  • Preliminary notification about final shipping cost
  • Best-selling and trending items only
  • Dedicated support for store owners
  • Items are added daily, non-stop
  • 7-day warranty and 100 percent refund
  • The service is completely free of charge, which means no monthly, annual or other fees required so you only pay for the products you buy.

DropWow is thorough when dealing with, and verifying suppliers, such that if a dispute on buyer satisfaction exceeds the 10 percent rate, the vendor account is blocked.

8. Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct offers the lowest costs, without you having to pay any monthly or yearly membership costs, like other standard dropshipping companies listed here.

Once you create a free account, you get access to the huge inventory of products, and other benefits including:

  • A supplier base of about 100 suppliers on its directory
  • Over 120,000 products that you can freely view on the company’s website
  • Multiple options to be notified on the status of your products
  • Easy addition of productions to custom feeds with status notifications/updates
  • PushList data feed technology for the best back-end management, customization of data feeds/preconfigured feeds, for over 20 supported marketplaces
  • It is rated the best in terms of costs and associated fees, but you pay $9.97 to use the PushList technology
  • No monthly or yearly subscription fee, and sign up is also free

However, business owners based in the U.S. need an Employer Identification Number to sign up. There’s also a 15 percent restocking fee with Dropship Direct, and you have to manage customer service yourself.

9. Big Drop Ship

This dropshipping company was set up to ensure business owners don’t bear the risk associated with managing and control of large product inventory, so they can have the freedom to focus on sales, marketing and advertising of their products.

The benefits of using this company include:

  • Market surveys for the best deals
  • Offering products from best suppliers for an easy, simple and profitable experience
  • No fee required to sign in or continue using Big Drop Ship

10. Dropship Junction

This was built to bring wholesalers and retailers together so they can trade on the same platform. Retailers get to browse through the listed products and pick what they like and what they feel will be best for their customers, and sell them.

Other benefits it provides for retailers include:

  • No charges for registration or membership fees
  • Retailers can source millions of products at the lowest prices
  • Save time dealing with one system in which you enter all of your orders
  • Faster listing of items on your site using the exporting tool
  • Regular updates on stock quantities and products

For wholesalers, they get access to hundreds of new customers, download all orders for the day at one go, no fraudulent chargebacks, one system to manage everything, and free listing of products.


Dropshipping is a great business model especially for startup, as well as small and medium e-commerce websites. From any of these 10 companies’ sites, you’re bound to find one that’s just right for you to get started and be satisfied with their services.

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